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Kitchen Appreciation Fee

Starting on January 1, 2018, Night Market will be implementing a 3% kitchen appreciation fee to guest checks. This fee will go directly to the team behind the scenes who make all the Night Market magic happen.

...But why though?

In the hospitality industry, there has always been pay disparities between the front of house and back of house team members. This is not a new phenomenon – the way the hospitality industry has been structured in our country throughout the years has only continued to contribute to this tricky problem. Over the past few decades, the wage gap between the front of house (servers, server assistants, bartenders,) and back of house (prep cooks, line cooks, dishwashers) has become unreal – on average, front of house employees earn at least two and a half times more than their back of house counterparts.

How does this happen? Long story short, menu prices increase to account for increasing food and labor costs, which means that front of house employees’ tips generally benefit from these increases, while the back of house employees’ hourly wages do not see the same increases. The cost of doing business in Cambridge continues to rise, and we are proud to provide our team with health care coverage, mandatory sick pay and educational benefits. A fair living wage is what we look to give all members of our team, but a delicate balance must be struck while covering for our food costs, operational expenses, and overall employee benefits, which truthfully doesn’t leave a lot to pass along to our hourly team.

The solution that many restaurants throughout the country are now looking towards to help remedy this wage disparity is the kitchen appreciation fee. Every penny of the kitchen appreciation fee goes straight to the back of house team, and helps the entire team directly benefit from every sale they contributed to in the restaurant. We thank you for your continued support of Night Market and helping to make the hospitality industry one where all employees and continue to grow, thrive, and inspire another generation of hospitality professionals to step up to the plate and make it all happen.

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